L1 Technologies announces SyncWise

L1 Technologies announces SyncWise

09/01/2011, San Diego, CA - L1 Technologies, a US based Leading Technology Provider of diverse technology solutions to several industries introduces Syncwise.

SyncWise is L1 Technologies’ solution to the rapidly expanding machine-to-machine (M2M) industry. It’s focus is to deliver the industry device and data management as well as wireless communications. SyncWise will utilize “LaaS” – a Location as a Service platform to provide its industry partners a cutting edge framework to reduce the cost, time and effort to enter into their respective M2M industries.

SyncWise’s platform is virtually a device, data and communications agnostic system which shares the data devices accumulate to application solutions providers. It’s role is to deliver affordable technologies to aid the growth and expansion of the M2M marketplace.

SyncWise has established strategic alliances with Sprint and ZTE which make it possible to deploy cost effective intelligent devices in the automotive, medical, industrial, and security industries to assist in asset management applications, sensor data collection and remote device management.

SyncWise will operate as the M2M Solutions division of L1 Technologies with Dave Scowby, assuming the responsibility of Executive Director. “This is an exciting time in the evolution of intelligent devices and wireless communications, I look forward to positioning SyncWise in the emerging M2M industry by building strategic partnerships with leading solutions providers”, said Mr. Dave Scowby

About SyncWise

SyncWise is at the epicenter of the emerging M2M industry. It is committed to delivering affordable device, data and wireless communications solutions to aid in the adoption of intelligent devices in business. Scalability, flexibility and simplicity make up the SyncWise System. For more information, visit www.SyncWise.com

For additional details, contact:

Dave Scowby | SyncWise Division
L1 Technologies, Inc
Phone: (858) 300-5513 x 2388
Email: dave.scowby@l1inc.com