"Quality is to a product what character is to a man"

Henry John Heinz

Who We Are

A group of highly motivated individuals all working towards solving problems and finding new ways to deliver GeoLocation content to consumers, businesses and enterprises.  With an est. 200 employees, L1 continues to work towards new solutions for the Location Based Industry.

What is “LaaS”?

“LaaS” is an acronym for Location as a Service.  By aggregating GeoData Content in multiple market segments and combining with innovative software solutions, L1 has provided partners the ability to rapidly deploy into new market segments with minimal development costs and delays.

Alliances & Partners

Aside from Employees, Partners and Alliances have been critical to the success of L1.  Every relationship is closely managed to insure mutual benefits for both sides.  L1′s partners include companies such as Bushnell, ZTE, and Sprint along with many small to midsize businesses.